101 Process

6 Steps to a Successful Project

Research, Planning and Launch

An outline of a typical project to deliver results for your business.

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    A crucial step for every project we undertake is to have a meeting with the client to gather initial information. Primary goal is to understand the client’s requirements, company, goals and target audience. This will help save a lot of time and work during the design process.

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    In each project we manage, an element of 101 strategic quantitative or qualitative planning is our benchmark going forward. We'll map the milestones and timeline for the entire project, present them to client for review and approval and then decide on which technology to use for best results.

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    In the case of websites or mobile apps, content is greatly important in presenting your brand and products. The timeline for this phase varies on the number of pages and if the client is supplying the content. Our services extend to creating enganging content for various types of business areas.

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    As the design cycle starts, we explore lateral design solutions representative of the client's core propositions and brand personality. We'll develop a testing landing site with the content and wireframes so that the client has the opportunity to provide feedback and request changes. The design is then fine tunned.

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    As final stages of design are finally approved, we move to coding, validation, cross-platform and browser testing. Our team makes sure that the system is secure in normal production environments and for all users. Furthermore, we test it so that it performs its designed objectives under various conditions.

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    After complete testing and initial launch, we'll equip the project with data analytical tools and monitor users' interaction. We can measure a variety of data without being intrusive, from content effectiveness to user preferences. This ensures that our work brings more value for your company and brand.

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