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Redefinging Digital and Strategy

Digital becomes just another technology when digital investments do not plan for altering what people do in ways that should enhance their ability to gain more benefits quicker.

Strategy is applied as a set sequencing of resources and valuable commitments. When the majority of customers 'live' online, then digital strategy becomes the essence of business strategy.

  • Device Driven Plan.
  • Measurable Data-Analytics.
  • Flexible Strategies.
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101 Digital Strategy

Key Media Channels

  • Web Dev

    When developing your company's website it is crucial that its page structure, images and text are setup with SEO in mind as well as scale and cross-device functionality.

  • Social Media

    With nearly 3 Billion people active in social media spaces such as Facebook, Twitter and Baidu, it is imperative that your company and brand is present and effective.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile applications in either for Android or iOS devices bring your company's products and message much closer to the consumer, building extreme loyalty.

  • Online Ads

    Online advertisement via Google Adwords or Facebook Ads will bring your company's products on top of search results. A more visible brand and expected growth.

Digital Strategy Resource Allocatio

Source: 2016 101DIGITAL

  • Top channel allocation resource for the 200 companies interviewed is Website Design and Development.
  • Social Media is a rising medium for most companies and is expected to grow and overtake traditional advertisement.
  • Web Development, Search SEO, Mobile Apps and Social Media account for more than 50% of resource allocation in most companies.

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