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Web Development Tools

HTML5: HyperText Markup Language, is the standardized system used to successfully display fonts, color, graphics and hyperlink effects on all World Wide Web pages. Latest version we use is HTML5.

CSS3: Cascading Style Sheet is also a markup language and when paired with HTML5 offers any unique appearance important for brand development.

JavaScript: One of the most popular dynamic languages used widely and effectively in creating website applications.

Mobile Development Tools

Java: Google's Android operating system uses Java as the basis for all Android apps, a language going strong for 20 years since its inception. Since Android's market share exceeds 60%, our workload as well tilts towards more Android apps.

Swift: Apple's iOS system, on the other hand, uses SWIFT for its apps, a language build on Objective C, as fast and reliable as Java.

C-Languages: C, C++ and Objective C are the foundation for today's desktop software, mobile systems and more. Also the foundation for our staffs' language proficiency.

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Online Management Systems

  • PHP

    As a server-side language, PHP is today one of the most popular dynamic languages driving web development and online systems with specific implementations for a variety of different business needs. For personal web systems we use Wordpress, Joomla, Laravel and Drupal. Furthermore, we develop systems from scratch as per client need.

  • RUBY

    A server-side language, also dynamic and general-purpose, it was designed and developed in the mid 1990s. Today, systems such as Ruby-on-Rails offer comprehensive web development based on Ruby and Javascript sub-family versions. Websystems such as Airbnb, Bloomberg, Groupon, Hulu, Shopify and many more are built on RnR.

Big Data System Tools

PYTHON: A very powerful language which supports multiple programming paradigms, python is used to work with large sets of data, comprised of text or numbers to offer new insight on difficult problems.

MATLAB: Matrix Laboratory is a numerical computing environment and allows for matrix manupulations, implementation of algorithms and creation of user interfaces.

SCALA: A multi-purpose language, we use primarily for analysis of data structures.

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